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This interactive web based application, EpiRegNet, aims to build a transcriptional regulatory network composing of histone modification and transcription factor binding in promoters and interactions between factors in these two fields. Given a set of categorized genes, the system would find the factors which contribute most to the difference in the gene expression level based on the statistic tests on the enrichment of each factor in gene promoters. Furthermore, we perform correlation tests to study the relation between these factors, and draw the regulatory network to declare their cooperative or competitive roles in activation or repression of gene expression.

The tool receives a gene list as the only input data, and a few parameters are set before running the analysis. The results of analysis yielded by EpiRegNet include:

  • Functional histone modifications and transcription factors which contribute to the differentiated gene expression provided by users;

  • Genes which are most enriched with the functional histone modification marks and the factors present in their promoter regions;

  • Correlative relations among histone modification marks and between histone modification and transcription factor binding sites.