new: 21/05/2014 Redirect to large scale varant annotation of SNVrap in the "annotation" tab.
new: 01/10/2013 Add 14 positively selected loci reported by 5 latest publications.
new: 29/09/2013 dbPSHP now supports different filters in the query page based on user-defined cutoff of corresponding selection item. It has prepared a default filtering parameters which are used as empirical estimation. However, the default hard filtering could introduces many false negatives.
new: 23/09/2013 Add several convenient download functions. 1) User could download all their query result for targeted signal item; 2) User could download only the information for selected variant; 3) The support of VCF format has been added into RESTful interfaces.
new: 17/09/2013 Add 301 positively selected loci reported by literature.
new: 31/07/2013 Add a download function for selected SNV. By clicking the button of "download" in the last item of dbPSHP summary tab, all related information about current SNV will be downloaded.
new: 21/07/2013 User now can submit their data for positive selection by a form at the bottom of literature data page.
new: 30/06/2013 dbPSHP now provides web services for batch query by some RESTful interface. Please go to dbPSHP query page for details.