We calculated and estimated as many as 15 statistical terms about recent human positive selection for one or pairwise population under a consistent context. The selection signals are evaluated on several aspects including ancestral allele, allele frequency, genotype frequency, Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium, heterozygosity, nucleotide diversity, Tajima's D, integrated extended haplotype homozygosity (iHH), integrated haplotype score (iHS), deviation of derived allele frequency (ΔDAF), fixation index (FST), cross-population extended haplotype homozygosity (XP-EHH), cross-population composite likelihood ratio (XP-CLR), neutral rate, and rejected substitution (hg19/GRCh37).
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Json format: http://jjwanglab.org/dbpshp/dbpshp/dbpshp/fetch_dbPSHP/[query_type]/[query_content]/[date_source]/[population]
Param: query_type: dbsnp | loci | gene Param: query_content: rs7756365 | chr6:148734174-149732519 | LCT Param: date_source: hapmap | 1000g Param: population: hapmap3: CEU | ASW | CHB | CHD | GIH | JPT | LWK | MEX | MKK | TSI | YRI 1000G: CEU | CHB | CHS | JPT | TSI | GBR | IBS | FIN | YRI | LWK | ASW | MXL | CLM | PUR
Example: http://jjwanglab.org/dbpshp/dbpshp/dbpshp/fetch_dbPSHP_vcf/gene/LCT/hapmap/CEU