new: 30/05/2013 Each variant now can be connected to HalpoReg V2 which rank/annotate variant by ENCODE elements and 1000 genome LD. Click "query" button in the "Genomic Mapping" tab of annotaion panel.
new: 30/04/2013 GWASrap QuickRAP now move to new web site (
new: 29/04/2013 GWASrap QuickRAP now support linkage disequilibrium data of 1000 Genome Project phase 1 release version 2. User can change the LD plot panel between HapMap LD and 1000G LD.
20/01/2013 Add a tutorial page showing the usage of GWASrap Web Services, please find the corresponding tab from web services page.
14/12/2012 We add as many as 14 statistical values for natural selection signals of query variant using HapMap3 and 1000 genome project data. User can check it in the tab of "Evolution" tab of annotation panel.
05/10/2012 Each variant now can connect to RegulomeDB which rank/annotate variant by ENCODE elements. Click "query" button in the "Genomic Mapping" tab of annotaion panel.
03/10/2012 Incorporating all of latest GWASdb SNPs as reference annotation.
15/06/2012 Well support NGS data as input file (see the input example for NGS), system can deal with the rare variants. But some effect predication scores are not computed and not mergered into final prioritization score for those variant.
14/06/2012 Support GERP++ annotation for constrained elements in multiple alignments by quantifying substitution deficits.
12/06/2012 Support the annotation for GENCODE project release 12 including transcript, 2wayconspseudo, polyA, long non-coding RNA and tRNA.
08/06/2012 To reduce the surplus or useless annotation, we retrict all our region coverage from 10000bp(up/down) to 1000bp(up/down) of target SNP.
18/04/2012 17 top diseaes/traits with latest GWAS information are archived in gallery.
08/03/2012 The system provides a help tab to specify detailed manual.